AAVC: Spacecraft Control Bundle

The Spacecraft Control Bundle provides both attitude control and determination software for your satellite. The 3-axis attitude control system is designed for a satellite with reaction wheels for attitude control and magnetic torquers or thrusters for momentum unloading. The attitude determination software is configured for a star tracker. The control system can maneuver the satellite to any orientation. The magnetic torquers can also be used as a backup attitude control system if the reaction wheels are not operational.

The attitude control software uses an Unscented Kalman Filter (sometimes known as a sigma-point filter) for attitude determination. It can incorporate star camera measurements, magnetometer measurements, sun sensor output, and even sun magnitude measurements from the solar panels. This makes it very robust.

The following figure shows both ground track and orbit views of a 3U CubeSat space weather satellite in orbit. With VisualCommander you can choose from a wide variety of graphics tools such as these to drag and drop onto the interface pages.

Bundle Contents

The following movie shows a reorientation maneuver using reaction wheels. The CubeSat is in a polar orbit. Several of the pages in the simulation display are shown during the movie. This CubeSat has eight body mounted high-efficiency solar panels and the power output is shown on the power page. It has three orthogonal reaction wheels and single skew wheel. All four are used during the maneuver.