AAVC: Spacecraft Package

This model package for the Simulation Framework enables you to simulate spacecraft in DSim including sensors and actuators, attitude and orbit dynamics, and provides a library for writing control and estimation software. It's like having the Spacecraft Control Toolbox available in C++! This package is required for the Spacecraft Control Systems (SCS) Bundle.

The Spacecraft Package includes the following: the Spacecraft Control framework with hundreds of C and C++ functions to support spacecraft modeling and control and a bundle of DSim C++ classes modeling dozens of spacecraft components. A supporting package of display plug-ins and data processors for VisualCommander is sold separately and requires a Mac.

View the spacecraft models API.

The Spacecraft Control library includes classes for common control needs such as a 3 axis PID controller, unscented Kalman filters, the Jacchia 1970 atmospheric density model, Newtonian aerodynamics, pinhole camera modeling, and a multi-body spacecraft model. The function library includes a broad array of support functions including ephemeris, gravity modeling, math utilities including linear programming, coordinate transformations, and state space systems. Use the library to write your own control systems in ControlDeck, or your own sensor and actuator models in DSim!

View the Spacecraft Control Framework API.

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