AAVC: Space Rapid Transit Bundle

The Space Rapid Transit Bundle includes an end-to-end simulation in VisualCommander and a set of design tools in MATLAB. The design tools use the MATLAB Optimization Toolbox to generate optimal trajectories for the two stage vehicle. The optimization framework is set up to include a dynamic pressure constraint. Turbofan, ramjet, cryogenic upper stage engine and reaction control system models are included in the required Aerospace Vehicle simulation package. The control systems include orientation and tracking control during all phases of flight. On-orbit guidance, rendezvous and formation flying software is also included.

Bundle Contents

The following picture shows the Upper Stage cockpit. The picture shows the cockpit during the first main engine burn that puts the Upper Stage into an elliptical transfer orbit. The three displays show the reaction control system, the main engine and the vehicle attitude and altitude. When operating the reaction control system the pilot can choose pulse, rate or constant acceleration modes. All controls are operated using the mouse. Saitek flight controls can also be used with the SRT simulations.

The following picture shows the Upper Stage near the ISS.

The following movie shows SRT launch through ISS rendezvous.