Mechanical Engineering

PSS offers engineering services in a variety of mechanical engineering disciplines. Our engineers may serve as consultants within your design team or can deliver ready-to-use products.

Energy System Design

PSS designed SunStation™, a solar-powered EV charger, as well as a small-scale Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT). Work has also commenced on various sub-systems for a fusion propulsion system in conjunction with the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab.

Manufacturing Process Design

Our engineering staff has experience in designing manufacturing processes and products optimized for efficient and low-cost manufacture. We may also provide process control solutions or materials selection expertise in conjunction with these services.

Mechanical Design

PSS engineers designed a self-mating system and landing gear for the two-stage Space Rapid Transit (SRT) launch vehicle. The design of the vehicle and mating system is discussed in "Space Rapid Transit for Rapid Spacecraft Deployment". A reaction wheel assembly (RWA) for torque and momentum control in CubeSats and small satellites has also been designed and work has begun on prototyping. Other product designs have included a 3U CubeSat Frame and Magnetic Torquer. A list of these products and their designs can be found on the CubeSat product page.

Modeling and Simulation

PSS engineers deliver a variety of mechanical modeling and simulation solutions to customers worldwide. Our Wind Turbine Control Toolbox is a design tool that allows for modeling and simulation of wind energy systems. TheThe following figure shows a custom multi-body rotor blade model that was developed in MATLAB® for a customer.

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