What is SPEAR?

The System Planner for Execution and Reconfiguration (SPEAR) is advanced decision support software that allows satellite operators and operational commanders to respond to threats or component failures quickly, effectively and in consideration of complex physical and operational constraints. SPEAR leverages open optimization libraries to rapidly produce alternative courses of action (COA), allowing users to determine how available space assets can best be utilized. The technology has demonstrated avoidance maneuver and payload reconfiguration planning for the Navy MUOS constellation and is ready for operations center integration and trials.


Princeton Satellite Systems was awarded a Phase I SBIR in 2009 for Navy topic N091-089, "Reconfigurable Satellite Planning Tool." The topic solicitation cited the need to maximize system responsiveness and reduce the planning response time for in-space reconfiguration and re-tasking of satellites and ground stations. A tool was sought that would generate multiple potential courses of action for multiple satellite resources, and then demonstrate trade-offs to facilitate decision-making. The SPEAR decision support tool was developed to meet these requirements.

A Phase II contract was awarded in 2010, and a Phase II.5 contract was awarded in 2012 for continued development. The target acquisition program for Phase II.5 is the Mobile User Objective System.


The technology in these products is restricted under the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), which controls the export and import of defense-related material and services.

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