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Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla, Chevy Volt, Ford Focus Electric, Honda Fit EV and Toyota Prius Plugin are growing in popularity and we are seeing more on the streets everyday. Electric car owners will prefer to visit locations that provide easy recharging capability and employees will feel more comfortable buying electric cars if they know they can recharge at work. A great way to attract these green-minded consumers and give your employees that confidence to go green is with the new SunStation from Princeton Satellite Systems.

The SunStation can easily be installed in front of your store, in your parking lot, and on top of parking garages and you don't need to tear up the pavement, run heavy wire, or repave! Our installer will pour a concrete base at any convenient location on your property. Once they bolt down the station, you just turn the key and it is ready to go.

SunStation EV Charging Models

SunStation comes in two models, Single and Double, for single- and dual-vehicle charging. The Single model has eight 240 W panels and 14 kWh of battery storage. The Double has fourteen 240 W panels and 28 kWh of battery storage. The Li-Ion batteries are stored underground, do not outgas, and do not need maintenance, so once they are installed you get all the power without any of the headache.

SunStation single charging station SunStation double charging station

Download the SunStation Single and SunStation Double specification sheets.

Additional Features

Princeton Satellite System monitors the stations 24/7 through a cellular phone connection to make sure that you are getting the best service we can provide. If you want to sell power back to the grid, SunStation can be grid-tied. If you want to charge for power, SunStation can be configured to be wirelessly connected to our payment network.

More Information

SunStations are available now. Make sure that you are an EV owner's destination! To get more information about SunStation, fill in the information form or click SunStation Inquiry to send us an email.

Federal and State Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Credits may apply to the purchase of your SunStation.

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