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Military Remote Solar Power

The military has a pressing need for remote power. Soldiers rely on electric power for communications, navigation and sensing. Many of the advantages the U.S. military has over other forces are due to sophisticated computer networks that require electric power. Reliance on fossil fueled generators creates problems. Fuel must be transported to users and those fuel transports are vulnerable to attack. Many casualities are due to attacks on convoys by IEDs and ambushes.

Princeton Satellite Systems was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for Solar Camouflage. This is a SunStation with flexible solar netting that can be rolled out and deployed as both camouflage and a source of electric power. The following figure shows it in operation.

SunStation camouflage shielding a vehicle

Solar Camouflage can be made in a variety of sizes from units to human-portable units suitable for recharging a soldiers' personal gear to units large enough to cover armored vehicles. Both AC and DC power can be generated.

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