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Wind Power Storage with SunStation

Wind turbines generally produce most of their power at night. If not consumed or stored this power is wasted. One approach is to build utility scale power storage facilities using batteries, pumped water or other methods. SunStation provides a cost-effective wind power storage method that can be installed quickly and benefit both the utility and the customers.

SunStation Utility Scale Power Storage

SunStation is the ideal backup system for utility scale wind. It is located at each customers homes making it distributed and fast to deploy. It requires just two additional boxes for a typical solar installation. The system uses Valence lithium batteries that are safe, reliable and maintenance free.

SunStation block diagram with solar panels, inverter and batteries
House roof with solar panels Basement with battery installation

SunStation In Operation

The following shows the power flow on a sunny day in January.

SunStation power flow on January 5 day.

The battery state of charge is shown. The typical customer would use a combination of solar and wind power stored in their batteries to power their home during the day. In the evening they would charge their batteries and power their home with wind power. This would maximize their use of wind power. The system also provides backup for the homeowner should the grid go down.

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