Path: ACPro/ACPerformance

% Computes aircraft weight. Any parameter can be varied except type.
   You vary the parameter by having more than one value in the array. You
   need to enter the fields of the datastruture in the order shown.

   Type ACWeightEstimation for a demo for a 150 seat passenger aircraft.

   This is an alternative to AircraftGroupMassStatement that uses a
   different weight model. Unlike AircraftGroupMassStatement this function
   will plots weights versus the parameter you let vary.

   Not all values of parameters will produce a feasible design. If the 
   weight goes to infinity you will need to adjust some of your
   parameters. See the demo for a working set of inputs.

   The function will only print a table if you have one design.

   g = ACWeightEstimation( d, tol, units, fileName )

   d           (1,1)	Data structure with parameters
                       .type                 (1,:) 'military', 'transport'
                       .nPassengers          (1,n) Number of passengers
                       .weightPayload        (1,n) Weight of payload and crew
                       .dFuselage            (1,n) Fuselage diameter (ft/m)
                       .lFuselage            (1,n) Fuselage lengths (ft/m)
                       .thrustToWeight       (1,n) Thrust to weight ratio
                       .wingLoading          (1,n) Wing loading
                       .structuralLF         (1,n) Structural load factor
                       .thicknessRatio       (1,n) Thickness Ratio
                       .sweepAngle           (1,n) Sweep ratio
                       .tipRootChordRatio    (1,n) Tip Chord/Root Chord
                       .aspectRatio          (1,n) Aspect ratio
                       .thrustToEngineWeight (1,n) Thrust to Engine Weight
                       .fractionFuel         (1,n) Fuel to gross weight ratio
   tol         (1,1) Tolerance on computation
   units       (1,1) 'mks' or 'english'
   fileName	(1,:) Filename for the latex table (for one design)

   g           (1,1)   Structure
                       .gWT           (1,n)  Gross weight or mass
                       .wingWT        (1,n)  Wing weight or mass
                       .fuselageWT    (1,n)  Fuselage weight or mass
                       .engineWT      (1,n)  Engine weight or mass
                       .fuelWT        (1,n)  Fuel weight or mass
                       .fixedEWT      (1,n)  Fixed equipment weight or mass
                       .empWT         (!,n)  Empanage weight or mass
                       .landingGearWT (1,n)  Landing gear
                       .passengerWT   (1,n)  Weight passengers
                       .payloadWT     (1,n)  Weight passengers
                       .miscWT        (1,n)  Everything else



Common: General/CreateLatexTable
Common: Graphics/Plot2D

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