Path: ACPro/ACProAerodynamics

% Compute force and torque an aircraft from M = 0 to M = inf.

   Since version 4 (ACT).
   [force, torque, cL, cD] = AeroForceAndTorqueCombined( alpha, beta,
                                                   V, e, u, d, display )

   alpha          (1,:) Angle of attack
   beta           (1,:) Sideslip
   V              (1,:) Velocity
   e               (.)  Environment data structure
                        .a   (1,:) Speed of sound
                        .rho (1,:) Density
                        .kV  (1,:) Kinematic viscosity
                        .t   (1,:) Time vector
   u              (n,:) Control angle vector. Mapping is in d
   d               (.)  Data structure
                         .g  (.)   Aircraft CAD data structure for
                                   Newtonian Flow
                                  .name (1,:) Name of surface
                                  .m    (1,1) Mach number for center
                                  .a    (1,1) Coefficient
                                  .b    (1,1) Coefficient
   display        (1,1)  If 1 display the active surfaces

   force          (3,1)  Force in body frame (N)
   torque         (3,1)  Torque in body frame (Nm)
   cL             (1,:)  Lift coefficient
   cD             (1,:)  Drag coefficient

   See also NewtonianAerodynamicsFromCAD, InducedDragCoeff


AC: ACCoord/UFromAlphaBeta
ACPro: ACProAerodynamics/ConcordeLD
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ACPro: Newtonian/NewtonianAerodynamicsFromCAD
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Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Math: Linear/Cross
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