Path: ACPro/ACPointMass

% Simulate the trajectory x(t) of a point mass aircraft model given u(t)
   This is an open loop simulation. No feedback is applied, only the
   specified control input u(t) is applied.

   State:     x = [V;gama;psi;x;y;h;Tbar]
     V     true airspeed
     gama  air relative flight path angle
     psi   air relative flight heading angle
     x     East position
     y     North position
     h     altitude
     Tbar  normalized excess thrust

   Control:   u = [Lbar;phi;Tcbar]
     Lbar    normalized excess lift
     phi     bank angle
     Tcbar   normalized excess thrust command
   [x,xDot] = AircraftPointMassSim( x0, u, t, data );

   x0      (7,1)    Initial state vector
   u       (3,N)    Control input vector
   t       (1,N)    Time vector for integration
   data             Data structure with fields:
                       a     Body-frame disturbance accel. (forward,x-track,normal)
                       W     Wind speeds (East,North,up)
                       g     Gravitatioanl acceleration
                       tau   Engine thrust response time

   x       (7,N)    State vector
   xDot    (7,N)    Time derivative of state vector



ACPro: ACPointMass/AircraftPointMassRHS
Math: Integration/RK4

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