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   Mixed flow turbofan engine performance.

   A mixed flow turbofan is one in which the fan and core streams mix in
   the same nozzle. This model supports afterburning. The outputs are the
   same as RamjetH2. Only mks units are supported in this function.

   Type MixedFlowTurbofan for a demo.

   This function employs a reference model and its outputs are deviations
   from the reference model. Type

   ref = MixedFlowTurbofan

   to get the reference data structure along with the demo.

   Note that only ref.h0 need be entered for the atmospheric parameters.

   The following are computed from the Standard Atmosphere and AtmGamma
   as follows.

   q = StdAtm( ref.h0 );

   ref.p0        = q.pressure;
   ref.a0        = q.speedOfSound;
   ref.t0        = q.temperature;
   ref.rho       = q.density;
   ref.gammaC    = AtmGamma( ref.t0 );

   Since version 5.
   [t, tSFC, f, M, thR] = MixedFlowTurbofan( action, varargin )

   action      (1,:) 'initialize' 'update'

   if action == struct

   t           (.) Default data

   if action == 'initialize'

   ref         (1,1) Reference conditions
                     See JetEngineDefinitions.m

   if action == 'update'

   h           (1,1) Altitude
   v           (1,1) Velocity
   p           (1,1) Throttle settings
                     .afterburner   (1,1) Afterburner on == 1
                     .throttleRatio (1,1) Throttle ratio
                     .tT4           (1,1) Combustor temperature (K)     
                     .tT7           (1,1) Afterburner temperature (K) 


   if action == 'initialize'

   ref         (1,1) Full set of reference conditions

   if action == 'update'

   t           (1,1)  Thrust (N/m^2)
   tSFC        (1,:)  Thrust specific fuel consumption
   f           (1,1)  Fuel air ratio structure
                      .f   (1,1) Fuel air ratio
                      .fAB (1,1) Afterburner fuel air ratio
                      .fO  (1,1) Mixed fuel air ratio
   M           (1,:)  Mach number
   thR         (1,:)  Thrust to mass flow ratio

   Reference: Mattingly, "Elements of Gas Turbine Propulsion,"
              McGraw-Hill, 1996, 2005, p.551


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