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% Compute the frequency response given the statespace class as input. 
   x = ax + bu
   y = cx + du

   for the input vector iu, and output vector iy. If no output arguments
   are given it will automatically display Bode plots for all channels.

   If only 1 output is requested, the complex values will be output.
   [mag, phase, w, io] = FRespG( f, iu, iy, w, uPhase, pType )

   f                   State space system of type statespace
   iu                  Inputs  ( = 0, or leave out for all)
   iy                  Outputs ( = 0, or leave out for all)
   w                   Frequency vector
   uPhase              Unwrap phase = 'wrap' to wrap it within 180 deg
   pType               'bode' or 'nichols'

   mag                 Magnitude vector    
   phase               Phase angle vector (deg)
   w                   Frequencies computed
   io                  Input/output vector per plot [input,output;...]

   References: Laub, A., "Efficient Multivariable Frequency Response
               Computations," IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control,
               Vol. AC-26, No. 2, April 1981, pp. 407-408.
               Maciejowski, J. M., Multivariable Feedback Design, 
               Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, 1989, pp. 368-370.


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