Path: Common/General

   Gets the input from a vector of graphics handles and determines
   if the input entries are valid.

   Since version 3.
   [x, valid, e] = GetEntry( h, d, errMsg )


   h        (n)    Vector of graphics handles
   d        (1|n)  Data structure of valid parameters
                   Must enter either 1 or n data structures
           Field       Default     Description
           -----       -------     -----------
         .type         'scalar'    {'scalar','vector','matrix','string'}
         .empty         'no'       'yes' = empty entry is valid
         .integer       'no'       'yes' = only integers allowed
         .max            inf        maximum allowable value 
         .min           -inf        minimum allowable value 
         .maxElements     1         maximum number of elements for scalar/vector
         .minElements     1         minimum number of elements for scalar/vector
         .maxColumns     inf        maximum number of columns for matrix
         .minColumns      1         minimum number of columns for matrix
         .maxRows        inf        maximum number of rows for matrix
         .minRows         1         minimum number of rows for matrix
         .complex       'no'       'yes' = complex values allowed
         .maxImag        inf        maximum allowable imaginary value
         .minImag       -inf        minimum allowable imaginary value
         .maxComplexMag  inf        maximum allowable complex magnitude
         .minComplexMag -inf        minimum allowable complex magnitude

   errMsg   (1)    1 = show default error dialog boxes (default is 1)

   x        {n}    Cell array containing field input. If a numerical value
                     is desired and the entry is valid, the numerical value
                     is returned in the cell array. Otherwise, the entered 
                     string is returned.
                   If only one handle is entered and the entry is numeric,
                     x is a scalar/vector/matrix, not a cell array.
                   Vector output is a column vector.
   valid    (n)    1 = valid
   e        (n)    Data structure with same fields as d 
                   indicating which error occured. 1 = error, [] = no error.


Common: General/IsValidField

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