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% Finds the vector giving the intersection
 of a plane and a sphere. 

 The normal is

 n = ai + bj + ck

 The equation of the plane is

 a(x-x1) + b(y - y1) + c(z - z1) = 0

 where [x1;y1;z1] is a point in the plane. 

 For example, the xy-plane is

 z = 0 which is generated by
 a = 0, b = 0, c = 1 and [x1;y1;z1] = [dont care;dont care;0].

 If no input arguments are entered it will generate a random plane.
 If no output arguments are specified it will plot the intersection.

   v = IntersectPlaneAndSphere( r, plane, n )

   r          (1,1)   Radius of sphere
   plane      (1,1)   Data structure for plane
                      .n   (3,1) Normal
                      .x   (3,1) Point in the plane
   n          (1,1)   Half the number of points on the equation of
                      the intersection ellipse. The default is 50.

   v          (:)     Data structure
                      .x         (3,n) Coordinates of the intersection
                      .intersect (1,1) 1 if the plane intersects the sphere



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