Path: Common/Control

% Generate a Nyquist plot from a statespace object or gain/phase data.

  Type Nyquist for a demo.
     [x,y] = Nyquist( g )
     [x,y] = Nyquist( g, w )
     [x,y] = Nyquist( g, w, iU, iY )
     [x,y] = Nyquist( gain, phase )

   g              (.)     Statespace object (see "statespace")
   w              (.)     Frequency vector [rad/s]
   iU             (1)     Input index
   iY             (1)     Output index


   gain          (1,:)    Magnitude from frequency response (see "FResp")
   phase         (1,:)    Phase from frequency response [deg]

   x             (1,:)    x-axis data, gain*cos(phase)
   y             (1,:)    y-axis data, gain*sin(phase)



Common: Classes/@statespace/and.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/close.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/connect.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/eig.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/get.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getabcd.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getsub.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/isempty.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/mtimes.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/plus.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/series.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/set.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/statespace.m
Common: Control/FResp
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Math: Trigonometry/CosD
Math: Trigonometry/SinD

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