Path: Common/Graphics

% Manage a set of arrays for plotting simulation data.
 Initialize the arrays, store plot points, then obtain arrays.
 The data is stored internally as multi-dimensional arrays, i.e.


 For a simple simulation, numberPts is just the size of the simulation
 loop, for example 100. If you are generating three runs of the same
 simulation you can pass in [3 100] instead.

 The log actions do not run checks for speed. If you attempt to log a
 variable that you have not added you will get an error.
  d = PlotArrays( 'init', numberPts )
  d = PlotArrays( 'add', d, varName, x0 )
  d = PlotArrays( 'log', d, varName, index, value )
  d = PlotArrays( 'logmulti', d, {varNames}, index, {values} )
  x = PlotArrays( 'get', d, varName )

  action     (:)        String with the action name
  d         (1,1)       Structure from previous calls  
  varName    (:)        String with the variable name
  numberPts (1,k)       The dimensions of the simulation
  x0        (m,n,p,...) An example of the variable
  index     {1,k}       Indices of the data point in a cell array
  value     (m,n,p,...) Value to be stored

  d           (.)       Data structure


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