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% Generates a shaping filter with notches and first order roll off.
   If no outputs are specified it will generate a Bode plot of the 
   continuous system. The widths of the notches should be proportional 
   to the center frequency.

   For example wN = 0.01 and width = 0.001 will look the same as
   wN = 0.001 and width = 0.0001.

   [a, b, c, d] = ShapeFlt(  wN, width, depth, wL, tSamp, sType )

   wN            (m)     Center of notch         (rad/sec)
   width         (m)     Width of notch          (rad/sec)
   depth         (m)     Filter depth            (dB)
   wL            (1,1)   Low pass cutoff         (rad/sec)
   tSamp         (1,1)   Sampling period         (sec)
   sType         (1,1)   State equation type     ('Delta' or 'Z')

   a             (n,n)   State matrix
   b             (n,1)   Input matrix
   c             (1,n)   Output matrix
   d             (1,1)   Feedthrough matrix



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