Path: Common/Graphics

% Create a slider in a new figure with continuous calls to callback.
 Can optionally put the slider into an existing figure. Type SliderBar for a
   SliderBar( valMin, valMax, val0, callback, name, position, fig )

   valMin      (1,1)   Minimum value for slider bar
   valMax      (1,1)   Maximum value for slider bar
   val0        (1,1)   Initial value of slider
   callback            Callback function, 1 var. Example: @(x) disp(sin(x))
   name        (1,:)   String name for figure (optional)
   position    (1,4)   Position information. 
                         * If a new figure is created, this input defines 
                         the position of the new figure in pixels on the
                         screen. OR...
                       	* If an existing figure is specified, this input
                       	defines the position of the slider within the
                       	given figure window. 
   fig         (1,1)   Figure handle. Optional. Supply this input to put
                       the slider inside this figure, rather than creating
                       a new figure.

   u           (1,1)   Handle to the slider object.



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