Path: Common/MassProperties

% Computes volumes of common objects about their c.m. 
 All objects have their axis of symmetry about z. If you enter a thickness with
 'cylinder', 'box' or 'sphere' it will automatically compute the hollow
 versions. The 'cylindrical end caps' type has spherical end caps with the
 given radius.
   vol = Volumes( x, type)

   x 		           Relevant dimensions
   type             Type of solid
                     'sphere'           x = [radius]
                     'cylinder'         x = [radius, zLength] 
                     'box'              x = [xLength, yLength, zLength]
                     'ellipsoid'        x = [a b c]
                     'plate'            x = [xLength, yLength]
                     'disk'			       x = [radius, thickness]
                     'hollow cylinder'  x = [outer radius, zLength, thickness]
                     'hollow box'       x = [xLength, yLength, zLength, thickness]
                     'hollow sphere'    x = [radius, thickness]
                     'torus'            x = [R major,r minor]
                     'elliptical torus' x = [R major,a minor,b minor]
                     'cone'             x = [radius,height]
                     'pyramid'          x = [base,height]
                     'cylindrical end caps'   x = [radius,length]

   vol     (1,1)  Volume


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