Path: Common/Classes

   Create a state space object. Everything after c is optional.
   dx/dt = ax + bu
       y = cx + du
   g = statespace( a, b, c, d, name, states, inputs, outputs, sType, dT )

   a                          State transition matrix
   b                          State input matrix
   c                          State output matrix
   d                          State feedthrough matrix
   name     (1,:)             Name of the system
   states   (:,:)   or {:}    State  names
   inputs   (:,:)   or {:}    Input names
   outputs  (:,:)   or {:}    Outputs
   sType    (1,:)             's', 'z', 'delta' 
   dT       (1,1)             Time step

   g			  (:)     Plant
                   g.a       State transition matrix
                   g.b       State input matrix
                   g.c       State output matrix
                   g.d       State feedthrough matrix
                   g.n       Number of states
                   g.nI      Number of inputs
                   g.nO      Number of outputs
                   g.states  Names of states
                   g.inputs  Names of inputs
                   g.outputs Names of outputs
                   g.sType   's', 'z', 'delta' 
                   g.dT      Time step



Common: Classes/@statespace/and.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/close.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/connect.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/eig.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/get.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getabcd.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getsub.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/isempty.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/mtimes.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/plus.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/series.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/set.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/statespace.m
Common: General/CellToMat

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