Define new geometric goals for a single satellite, such that any semi-major
   axis difference is eliminated, and the new trajectory maintains a minimum
   separation distance from all other team members trajectories in the team.

   Command ONLY along-track offset, set radial oscillation to 0, and leave 
   out-of-plane motion unchanged.

   For each OTHER member, compute the extreme y-values, and determine the closest y0 
   whose extrema are at least minSepDist from all OTHER extrema

   Since version 7.
   newGoals = AutoFormGeometry( state, memberGoals, minSepDist, maxSepDist, nS, maxIter );

   state         (.)   Orbital state data structure
   memberGoals   (.)   Geometric goals for all other members in the cluster
   minSepDist    (1)   Minimum allowable separation distance between satellites
   minSepDist    (1)   Maximum allowable separation distance between satellites
   nS            (1)   Number of samples to use in computing 1-period trajectories

   newGoals      (.)   Goals data structure defining desired relative motion for team


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