This routine performs attitude maneuver planning. It takes a target
   as input and computes the required maneuver. The target quaternion
   that is output is found by computing the axis and single angle of
   rotation that will achieve the target. Given that quaternion, only
   a small angular deviation is used each step. Thus, the target is 
   ramped up to prevent problems with the PID controller.

   Possible targets are
  'latlon'  - Point a vector at a latitude and longitude on the earth
  'sun'     - Point a vector at the sun
  'lvlh'    - Align body axes with LVLH
  'eci'     - Align body axes with ECI
  'ulvlh'   - Align a vector with a vector defined in LVLH
  'target'  - Point at a target in the ECI frame
  'ueci'    - Align a vector with a vector defined in ECI

   Since version 7.
   t = DFFAttitudeManeuver( action, d, k )

   action        (1,:)     Action to be performed        
   d             (1,1)     Data structure for inputs
   k             (1,1)     Unique spacecraft identifier

   t             (1,1)     Data structure with outputs. Valid only
                           with action 'update' and 'get telemetry'



Common: General/DeBlankLT
Common: General/FSWClock
Common: Quaternion/QUnit
FormationFlying: IntegratedSim/DFFAttitudeTarget
IntegratedSim: Sensors/StateSensor
IntegratedSim: Software/DFFParameterDatabase
IntegratedSim: Software/DFFRelativeNavigation
Math: Linear/Unit