% Analyze the performance of relative orbit control in eccentric orbits 

 This script compares the performance of two different control methods
 for relative orbit control in a highly eccentric orbit. The two methods
 compared are:
     - LPEccentric     (relative dynamics expressed in Hills frame)
     - LPEccentricGVE  (relative dynamics expressed with Gauss var. eqs.) 

 The linearization error is much higher when the relative dynamics is
 based in Hills frame. This results in noticable error in the controlled

 In addition, this script also compares the relative trajectories when
 the maneuver is simulated in different ways. The following types of
 simulations are compared
     - Discrete relative dynamics in Hills frame.
     - Discrete relative dynamics with differential elements using Gauss'
              variational equations.
     - Keplerian orbits patched together with impulsive delta-v's
     - Numerical integration in ECI frame 

   Since version 7.
  See also Delay, QHills, QTForm, TimeGUI, Mag, RK4TI, 
  EccGeometry_Structure, DiscreteGVE, FFEccDiscreteHills, LPEccentric, 
  LPEccentricGVE, ECI2Hills, FFEccDeltaElem2Hills, FFEccGoals2Hills, 
  FFEccHills2DeltaElem, ApplyDeltaV, RVOrbGenDV, OrbRate, RVOrbGen, El2RV, 
  M2Nu, M2NuAbs, Period
   Copyright (c) 2004 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. 
   All rights reserved.


AeroUtils: Coord/QHills
Common: Graphics/TimeGUI
Common: Quaternion/QTForm
FormationFlying: DataStructures/EccGeometry_Structure
FormationFlying: EccDynamics/DiscreteGVE
FormationFlying: EccDynamics/FFEccDiscreteHills
FormationFlying: LP/LPEccentric
FormationFlying: LP/LPEccentricGVE
FormationFlying: Transformation/ECI2Hills
FormationFlying: Transformation/FFEccDeltaElem2Hills
FormationFlying: Transformation/FFEccGoals2Hills
FormationFlying: Transformation/FFEccHills2DeltaElem
FormationFlying: Utility/ApplyDeltaV
FormationFlying: Utility/RVOrbGenDV
Math: Integration/RK4TI
Math: Linear/Mag
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/RVOrbGen
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/El2RV
OrbitMiniToolbox: Support/M2Nu
SC: BasicOrbit/M2NuAbs
SC: BasicOrbit/OrbRate
SC: BasicOrbit/Period