Computes the delta-v's required for an in-plane maneuver.

   Since version 7.

   meas_elem             (1,6)  Reference orbital elements             (Alfriend format) 
   delta_elem            (:,6)  Error in orbital element differences   (Alfriend format)
   accNom                 (1)   Nominal acceleration                   [km/s/s]
   dTMin                  (1)   Minimum achievable burn duration       [sec]
   nOrbMin                (1)   Minimum number of orbits maneuver may last
   nOrbMax                (1)   Maximum number of orbits maneuver may last
   horizon                (1)   Minimum amount of time required prior to first burn [sec]

   burnData               (.)   Array of burn data structures with burn times, 
                                   durations, magnitudes and directions.
   t0                     (1)   First burn time               [sec from meas time]
   tF                     (1)   Final burn time               [sec from meas time]
   nBurns                 (1)   Number of burns required



Common: Database/Constant
FormationFlying: Control/OptimalInPlaneDeltaV
FormationFlying: Utility/TimeUntilTheta
Math: Trigonometry/WrapPhase