% Generate a 3D plot of a relative trajectory. 

 This is meant to be called after FFSeparationDemo or 
 FSafeGuidanceDemo has been run. 
 It requires certain variables to be present in the workspace.


   xSet      {1,N}     Set of relative frame time histories.
   dVSet     {1,N}     Set of delta-V histories, one for each run.
   iSet      {1,N}     Set of inside logical arrays.
   index     (1,m)     Array of simulation run numbers.
   d1        (1,1)     Nominal ellispoid semi-major axis.
   d2        (1,1)     Nominal ellispoid + margin semi-major axis.

   h         (1,m)     Handles to figures



Common: Graphics/AddView
Common: Graphics/Circle
Math: Linear/Mag
Math: Linear/Unit