Test the LPEccentricGVE function. 
   Provide the reference orbital elements, an initial relative state and 
   initial true anomaly, a desired/final relative state and final true 
   anomaly, and the number of samples to discretize over.

   Two validation methods are used. In the first, we propagate the initial
   state over nS samples, applying the control acceleration found by
   LPEccentric. In the second, we integrate the two inertial states, applying 
   the same control acceleration, but in the ECI frame. We then transform
   back to the Hill's frame for comparison.

   Since version 7.
   [xH_int,xH_lin,dVTot,eT,err] = TestLPEccentricGVE( el0, xH0, nu0, xHF, nuF, nS, plotFlag );

   el0             (6,1)  Initial orbital elements 
                          [a, i, W, w, e, M]
   xH0             (6,1)  Initial Hill's-frame state
   nu0              (1)   Initial true anomaly
   xHF             (6,1)  Final/desired Hill's-frame state
   nuF              (1)   Final true anomaly
   nS               (1)   Number of samples to discretize over
   plotFlag         (1)   Create plots or not (0|1)

   xH_int          (6,1)  Hill's-frame state from integrating inertial states
   xH_lin          (6,1)  Hill's-frame state from propagating linear system
   dVTot            (1)   Total Delta-V for maneuver [m/s]
   eT               (1)   Time elapsed during call to LPEccentric [sec]
   err             (6,1)  State error at end of maneuver. Found by integrating
                          the inertial states from t=0 and applying control,
                          then comparing the final state with the target state.

	  Copyright 2004 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.
    All rights reserved.


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