Generate a mission plan for a burn, coast burn mission.
   Has a built-in demo to Alpha Centauri.
   This function generates an acceleration, coast and decceleration 
   profile for the mission. uMax is the velocity you want to reach.
   It will compute the distance traversed during acceleration and then the
   distance traveled during decceleration. If that is insufficient to
   reach the desitination it will coast.
   If the distance covered during acceleration and decceleration is 
   longer than the distance to the target it will return an error as this
   would require a negative coast time (i.e. time travel.)

   If you enter only 6 inputs it will use the massDry as the sum of the
   fuel tank mass, payload and power system mass. If you enter the last 
   two the dry mass will be
   massDry + sigmaS*mF + sigmaP*power
   [mF, tE, x, power, s] = RectilinearMission( thrust, massDry, uMax, uE, xF, eff, sigmaS, sigmaP )

   thrust	 (1,1)  Thrust (N)
   massDry  (1,1)  Dry mass (kg)
   uMax     (1,1)  Maximum velocity during the mission (m/s)
   uE       (1,1)  Exhaust velocity (m/s)
   xF       (1,1)  Final distance (m)
   eff      (1,1)  Efficiency
   sigmaS   (1,1)  Structural fraction
   sigmaP   (1,1)  Power fraction (kW/kg)

   mF       (1,1)  [mF mA mD]
   tE       (1,3)  [acceleration time, coast time, mission duration]
   x        (1,:)  [xF xA xD]
   power    (1,1)  Power (W)
   s        {}     Results in a cell array



Common: Database/Constant
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/PositionLabel
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
FusionPropulsion: MissionAnalysis/RectilinearMotion
FusionPropulsion: MissionAnalysis/TimeToVelocity