% Design a driven D-He3 fusion engine.
 This treats the plasma as a volume. It does a mixing analysis of the
 various side reactions to produce a power flow. It can also take 
 your power numbers and use them to compute the engine mass. The fields
 of d are pFusion, pSynch, pBremss and pNeutron.
 pGasBox is the power needed to ionize the mass flow in the engine.

 This function allows for continuous heating through the input pRMF
 The amount of external power to maintain fusion varies with the design.

 The output is in the form of a data structure. If you don't specify
 an output it will print the results in the command window.

 For the filename you can type in xxx.tex or just xxx.

 Type DesignDHe3FusionEngine to see a 10 MW engine. It uses the 
 numbers in the default datastructure.

   [dU, x] = SizeDHe3FusionEngine( d, fileName )

   d        (1,1)  Data structure
                   .beta              	(1,1) Ratio of pressure to magnetic(pressure
                  	.tSOL              	(1,1) Thickness scrape off layer (m)
                   .rPlasma            (1,1) Radius plasma (m)
                   .lPlasma           	(1,1) Length plasma (m)
                   .computePower     	(1,1) 1 = compute power
                   .pFusion           	(1,1) Fusion power (MW)
                  	.pNeutron          	(1,1) Neutron power (MW)
                   .pBremss           	(1,1) Bremsstrahlung power (MW)
                   .pThrust           	(1,1) Thrust power (MW)
                   .pGasBox           	(1,1) Gas box power (MW)
                   .pSynch           	(1,1) Synchrotron power (MW)
                   .pRMF             	(1,1) Heating power (MW)
                   .effRMF             (1,1) Efficiency of conversion of
                                             power to plasma heating
                   .depRMF             (1,1) Fraction of heating deposited
                                             into the plasma
                   .nD                 (1,1) Number density D
                   .nHe3              	(1,1) Number density He3
                   .tHe3              	(1,1) Temperature He3 (kEV)
                   .tD                	(1,1) Temperature D (kEV)
                   .tE                	(1,1) Temperature e- (kEV)
                   .rhoM              	(1,1) Density of magnet structure (kg/m^3)                   
                   .sigmaM           	(1,1) Maximum stress magnet structure (N/m^2)
                   .specMassHeating   	(1,1) Specific mass of the heating system (kg/W)
                   .specMassPowerGen  	(1,1) Specific mass of the power generation system (kg/W)
                   .tSpacer           	(1,1) Thickness of spacer layer (m)
                   .thrustEff         	(1,1) Thrust efficiency
                   .rhoRad            	(1,1) Radiator areal density (kg/m^2)
                   .tRad              	(1,1) Temperature radiator (deg-K)
                   .eRad              	(1,1) Emissivity radiator
                   .rhoShield         	(1,1) Density neutron shield (kg/m^3)
                   .specMassRefrig    	(1,1) Specific mass coil refrigerator (kg/W)
                   .fRefrig           	(1,1) Fraction of heat rejected by refigerator
                   .fD               	(1,1) Fraction of D-D reactions
                   .fT               	(1,1) Fraction of D-T reactions
                   .wallReflection    	(1,1) Wall reflection for synchrotron
                   .effRecycle        	(1,1) Recycling efficiency
   fileName (1,:)  File name for a table. 

   dU       (1,1)  Updated data structure
                  .nE              (1,1) Number density of e-
                  .b               (1,1) Field strength (T)
                  .energyMagnet    (1,1) Energy magnet (GJ)
                  .rW              (1,1) Wall radius (m)
                  .pHeat           (1,1) Rejected heat (MW)
                  .pNetElectric    (1,1) Net power (MW)
                  .pWall           (1,1) Wall power (MW/m^2)
                  .tShield         (1,1) Shield thickness (m)
                  .massShield      (1,1) Shield mass (kg)
                  .massMagnet      (1,1) Magnet mass (kg)
                  .massRefrig      (1,1) Mass refrigerator (kg)
                  .massHeating     (1,1) Mass of the heating system (kg)
                  .massPowerGen    (1,1) Mass of the power generation system (kg)
                  .pUnitArea       (1,1) Rejected heat per unit radiator area (MW/m^2)
                  .areaRad         (1,1) Radiator area (m^2)
                  .massRad         (1,1) Radiator mass (kg)
                  .massTotal       (1,1) Total mass (kg)
                  .specPower       (1,1) Specific power (kW/kg)
                  .gain            (1,1) Power gain
   x        {:,3}  Latex formatted output



Common: Database/Constant
Common: General/CreateLatexTable
Common: General/SortColumnCell
Common: Graphics/DisplayLatexTable
Common: Graphics/NewFig
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FusionPropulsion: Reactor/BField
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