Generates a statespace model of a tokamak. The output is the vertical
   current moment of the plasma current centroid. This system is unstable.

   Type SteadyStateTokamak for a demo.
   g = SteadyStateTokamak( d )

   d           (1,1) Data structure
                     .rAA (1,1) Active coil resistance (Ohm)
                     .rVV (1,1) Passive coil resistance(Ohm)
                     .lAV (1,1) Active-passive coil mutual inductance (H)
                     .lAA (1,1) Active coil self-inductance (H)
                     .lVV (1,1) Passive coil self-inductance  (H)
                     .lAP (1,1) Mutual change inductance between the active coils and plasma displacement (H/m)
                     .lVP (1,1) Mutual change inductance between the passive coils and plasma displacement(H/m) 
                     .aPP (1,1) Normalized destabilizing force 0.4 to 0.6 e-6 H/m^2


Common: Classes/@statespace/and.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/close.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/connect.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/eig.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/get.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getabcd.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/getsub.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/isempty.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/mtimes.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/plus.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/series.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/set.m
Common: Classes/@statespace/statespace.m
Common: Control/DispG
Common: Control/EigEval