Path: Imaging/Demos/Imager

% Generate a noisy star image in a loop.
 Generates noise from a CCD model and an image from Gaussian based point spread
 functions. The demo has three centroids. Generates 100 images and saves them
 to a movie called CCDMovie.avi
 See also DetectorModel, FocalPlaneImage, VM2PSFPeak, ImagerPSF, 
 RHSGaussianPSF, SaveMovie
   Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.
   All Rights Reserved.


Common: General/SaveMovie
Imaging: Optics/DetectorModel
Imaging: Optics/FocalPlaneImage
Imaging: PSFUtils/ImagerPSF
Imaging: PSFUtils/RHSGaussianPSF
SpacecraftEstimation: StellarModels/VM2PSFPeak

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