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% Errors due to planet measurement related errors.
   The errors are due to the measurement angle of the star/planet vector,
   the error due to the uncertainty in the radius of the planet
   and the error due to the planet chordwidth measurement error.
   The first and last are due to the resolution of the camera and 
   the middle due to the uncertainty in the actual radius of the planet.

   Type OpticalAngleError for a demo of the error for a earth orbiting
   spacecraft using the moon as a measurement source.

   Since version 11.
   err = OpticalAngleError( a, theta, alpha, aE, d, n )

   a           (1,1)  Planet radius (rad)
   theta       (1,1)  Angle between the planet vector and star (rad)
   alpha       (1,1)  Angular radius of the planet (rad)
   aE          (1,1)  Planet radius error (rad)
   d           (1,:)  Aperture (mm)
   n           (1,1)  Number of points to average for chord

   err         (1,1)  Data structure
                     .a        (1,1) Error due to radius error (km)
                     .theta	(1,1) Error due to star/planet error (km)
                     .alpha    (1,1) Error due to chord error (km)



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