Path: Orbit/OrbitCoord

% Computes closest orbit point to points on the earth. 

 You can input any number of orbits to check. The function propagates
 the orbit with a Kepler propagator. The Earth rotation is found using

 Type OrbitClosestPoint for a demo.
   [rMin, dMin, jDMin] = OrbitClosestPoint( rEFTarget, el, jDEpoch, n, nOrbits )

   rEFTarget   (3,m)   Target vectors to check
   el          (1,6)   Keplerian elements [a i Lon Arg e M]
   jDEpoch     (1,1)   Julian date epoch of elements
   n           (1,1)   Number of points to check
   nOrbits     (1,1)   Number of orbits to check

   rMin        (3,m)   Nearest orbital point
   dMin        (1,m)   Distance to each point
   jDMin       (1,m)   Julian date for each point (days)



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