Path: Orbit/OrbitCoord

% Computes planet centered orbital elements.

   vC and rC must be inside the patch condition, i.e. when the spacecraft
   orbit intersects the sphere of influence. At that point the target
   planet or moon is the central body and orbital elements with respect
   to that body are computed. If you do the conversion too far inside
   the sphere of influence your results will not be correct.

   vC, vPC, rC and rPC can be 3x1 or 3xn. In the latter case it finds
   the crossing point for the sphere of influence.

   If no outputs are specified, it will plot the planet centered orbit.

   Velocity, mu and position must be in consistent units. This function
   shows the effect of flying by another body but does not directly
   help in designing a trajectory.

   Type PtchCnc for a demo of a spaceraft approaching the moon in an 
   Earth-centered elliptical orbit.

   Since version 2.
   el = PtchCnc( vC, vPC, rC, rPC, muC, muP )

   vC	(3,1)   Velocity of the spacecraft in the central frame
   vPC	(3,1)   Velocity of the planet in the central frame
   rC	(3,1)   Position of the spacecraft in the central frame
   rPC	(3,1)   Position of the planet in the central frame
   muC	(1,1)   Gravitational parameter of the central body
   muP	(1,1)   Gravitational parameter of the planet

   el	(:)     Elements in the planet frame
               el.a, el.e, el.i, el.w, el.L, el.M


Common: Database/Constant
Common: General/DispWithTitle
Math: Linear/Mag
Orbit: OrbitCoord/RPRA2AE
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/RVOrbGen
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/SphOI
SC: BasicOrbit/Period
SC: BasicOrbit/RV2El

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