Apply a clock angle convention between McInnes, PSS, and JPL. 
   Clock angle is measured from:
   1: The osculating orbit normal (McInnes)
   2: The cross product of the orbit normal and sun vector (PSS)
   3: Ecliptic north (JPL)
   4: The projection of the velocity vector on the sun perpendicular plane

   Forms 1 and 3 are only suitable for heliocentric orbits. Forms 2 and 4 are 
   general. In addition, Forms 2 and 4 assume an X axis towards or away
   from the sun depending on the selected sign convention. The same sign
   convention is used for both clock frames, to and from.

   Since version 7.
   clockNew = ClockConversion( cone, clock, fromConv, toConv, d )
          B = ClockConversion( cone, clock, fromConv, [], d )

   cone           (1,n)  Out-of-plane angle (rad)
   clock          (1,n)  Out-of-plane angle (rad)
   fromConv       (1,1)  Index of incoming convention
   toConv         (1,1)  Index of outcoming convention
   d              (1,1)  Data needed to define frames
                          .r       (3,n) Position vector
                          .v       (3,n) Velocity vector
                          .s       (3,n) Unit vector to the sun
                          .c       (1,1) Sign convention for X axis
                          .eciFlag (1,1) ECI (1) or ecliptic (0) frame flag

   clockNew       (1,n)  Out-of-plane angle (rad)
   B              (3,3)  Rotation matrix from the reference frame to the sail



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