Simulation right hand side. Calls all needed portions in order.
  The state should contain at a minimum 10 states for [r;v;q], even if
  some are placeholders of 0. After a simulation, call it with multiple
  outputs to post-process the state.

  The portions are below. To use a default pass an empty matrix.
    1. d.ephemeris - default is SailEphemAlmanac, comparable is SailEphemJPL
    2. d.environment - default is SailEnvironment
    3. d.disturbance - default is SailDisturbance
    4. d.attitude - default dynamics is FSailRB, see also FMovingBody
    5. d.guidance - can be used to override attitude dynamics
    6. d.orbit - default is FOrbitGeneral, see also FOrbitSingle
  Also available embedded in this function are NoEphemeris, NoEnvironment, 
  NoDisturbance, NoAttitude, and NoOrbit, which can be used to skip any portion.
  There is no default guidance function - you must specify one to override
  the attitude dynamics. Guidance will assume that the attitude is in states
  7 through 10. The function StoredDisturbance enables you to pass a stored
  force structure f and torque structure tq through d. 

  The function formats are:
      rB  = FEphemeris( jD, d )
      env = FEnvironment( planet, p, d )
  [f, tq] = FDisturbance( g, p, env, d )
    xADot = FAttitude( t, x, f, tq, d )  OR   q = FGuidance( t, x, d, env )
    xODot = FOrbit( t, x, rB, center, jD, accel )
  planets = FOrbit( 'planets' )

  The resulting derivative is [xODot;xADot]
  Calling this function with no inputs will return a default data structure
  with empty matrices for each field.

   Since version 7.
  xDot = FSailCombined( t, x, p, d )
     d = FSailCombined()
  [p, env, f, tq, planets] = FSailCombined( t, x, p, d )

   t             (1,1)    Time in seconds from jD0 epoch
   x             (n,1)    The state vector, at least [r;v;q;w]
   p              (.)     Profile data structure (angle, axis, body)
   d              (.)     Data structure. The following fields are required:
     .jD0, default is JD2000
     .kP, ids of gravitational bodies
     .center, defaults to 1 (1st planet in list)
     .g, CAD model, need at least mass structure, defaults to 1 kg

   xDot          (n,1)    State derivative

  See also SailCombinedDemo.


Common: General/AssignFHandle