Path: SpacecraftEstimation/StellarAttDet

% SEARCHKVECTOR Implement the range searching of data using a k vector.
 The output are the indices into the sorted data that are guaranteed to include
 the interval, [ya,yb]. There may be additional data points outside this

 k1 and k2 guarantee that:

  y(k1) < y(a)
  yb < y(k2)

 Note that the data itself is not an input to this function. There is no
 searching within the data; only the line parameters m and q are needed to find
 the indices in k which bracket the desired interval.
   [k1,k2] = SearchKVector(k,q,m,y1,y2)

   k          (1,:) Set of integer indices
   m          (1,1) Slope of linear fit
   q          (1,1) Intercept of linear fit
   y1         (1,1) Start value for interval
   y2         (1,1) Final value for interval

   k1         (1,1) Start index for interval
   k2         (1,1) Final index for interval

 See also: CreateKVector

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