Path: SpacecraftEstimation/StellarAttDet

% Computes the measurement matrix, measurements and noise
 matrix given a pixel map from the star tracker. Will update
 q if it has three valid stars and the attitude error is large.

   [h, dz, R, q] = StarMeasurement( r, starDataMeas, q, qBodyToCamera, starData, fScale )

   r             (1,1)    Measurement noise
   starDataMeas  (3,m)    m vectors of [intensity,xloc,yloc]
   q             (4,1)    Quaternion from ECI to body axes
   qBodyToCamera (4,1)    Quaternion from body to sensor axes
   starData               Star Data
                          .starMatrix (4,n)     Star catalog containing n stars stored as [intensity;u]
                          .starID     (1,m)     Identified stars
                          or just starMatrix (4,n)
   fScale        (1,1)    Sensor scale factor

   h            (n,6)     Linearized measurement matrix
   dz           (n)       The measurement residuals
   R            (n,n)     Measurement noise           
   q            (4,1)     Quaternion from ECI to body axes



Common: Quaternion/Q2Mat
Common: Quaternion/QForm
Common: Quaternion/QMult
Common: Quaternion/QPose
Math: Linear/Skew
SC: Sensor/U2Pix
SpacecraftEstimation: StellarAttDet/QFromU

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