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PSS Capabilities Brochure Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc. is a small company specializing in aerospace control and simulation technology and energy systems: aerospace, software, energy. Our agility and focus on software development enables us to rapidly develop innovative solutions to a wide range of aerospace and control problems. Our commercial software lines enable our customers to pursue the same types of demanding, state-of-the-art applications.


Control Systems

Princeton Satellite Systems can help you meet the challenge of designing control systems because of our experience in control system analysis, design, and evaluation. Since we began operations in 1992, our work has included the GPS IIR attitude determination system, the Cakrawarta-1 attitude control system, and the Telstar 4 flight software.

Depending on your needs, we can supply you with an entire attitude control system including: flight computer, sensors, actuators, and the flight software, or just the control system design and software requirements.

Spacecraft Flight Control Experience

Our engineers have extensive experience with real satellite control systems. Some highlights are listed below.


Princeton Satellite Systems offers a full range of control and software design services to our customers. We are available on short notice and can accommodate nearly any schedule, whether it is for a single day, or for your entire program. We have supported proposal development, flight software testing and control systems design for numerous customers.


Software Development

Princeton Satellite Systems can help keep your software projects on schedule and under budget. We are well versed in modern languages such as C++, Cocoa, iOS and Objective-C, as well as state-of-the-art design methodologies. In addition, we have extensive experience with the design, testing, and verification of satellite flight software. One of our first jobs was to support the FQT of the GPS IIR software for GE Astro Space (now part of Lockheed Martin). We also developed and deployed a ground software yaw attitude estimator for Koreasat.

Software Products

We sell MATLAB packages for design, analysis and simulation of Spacecraft, Aircraft and Wind Turbines. We have a C++ matrix library, MatrixLib, for adding MATLAB like matrix manipulations to your C++ code. Our premier simulation product is VisualCommander for data acquisition, simulation and hardware control. The cross-platform simulation and control libraries are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The SPEAR optimal planner for complex dynamical systems with elaborate constraints is our latest product.


Solar Energy

Princeton Satellite Systems sells the SunStation solar powered home power backup and electric vehicle charging systems.Our home backup systems provide backup power in case of outages and produce electrical power whenever the sun is shining saving you money everyday. You don't have to deal with hazardous, unreliable, noisy and polluting natural gas or gasoline generators.

Our electric vehicle charging stations provide charging 24 hours a day in places were it is too expensive to get grid power or where grid power is unreliable. The SunStation is fully autonomous and can be configured as a pay charging station or as a free service for your customers or employees.

Nuclear Fusion Power

Princeton Satellite Systems is teamed with the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory to develop a revolutionary nuclear fusion propulsion system for spacecraft. Our approach is a RF Heated Field Reversed Configuration machine. This system would enable manned missions to Mars, a planetary defense system to protect us from asteroids and ambitious missions to find life on Europa and Enceladus. Interstellar missions to the nearby stars are also feasible. Unlike other approaches, our reactor produces few neutrons and is compact roughly the size of a mini-van. The second generation experimental machine is operating and we are starting a second experiment to develop magnetic nozzles.

Our fusion reactor is also applicable to a wide variety of energy generation applications. This would include Mars and Lunar bases, high power satellites, distributed terrestrial power generation, and propulsion systems for small ships.

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