Satellite Smash Help

Satellite Smash is a space game using real orbital dynamics. You control a satellite and try and collect space debris while dodging attack satellites. The attack satellites use Lambert's law to intercept your spacecraft. All you can do is dodge them and collect debris.

The game is simple. You fire tangentially or radially to your orbit to intercept debris. The longer you hold down the button the more velocity change you get and the more fuel you consume. You capture debris by running through it. While you are capturing debris attack satellites try to smash you. The game ends when you are smashed or you run out of fuel.

Your score is the number of debris clouds captured. You also get a score weighted by the amount of fuel you select.

The preferences window shows all of your options

Satellite Smash Preferences

The preferences are as follows:

Attack satellite fuel
How much fuel each attack satellite carries. When it runs out, it is removed from the simulation. This determines how long the attack satellites will hang around and how aggressive they can be in attacking your spacecraft.
Number of attack satellites
From zero to a lot!
Debris spawning rate
How often a new debris cloud appears. Debris clouds appear anywhere on the screen. There will always be at least one debris cloud.
How much fuel you get. You can't refuel during a game.
Debris capture area
Your spacecraft has a radius about which any debris that enters is captured.
Time step
This determines the simulation tempo.
Show orbits
When turned on it shows the orbits of all the other objects.

This app makes use of the MatrixLib framework for iOS. You can get more information on MatrixLib from the Princeton Satellite Systems website.