In this API, MatrixLib's functionality has been hierarchically organized into logical modules. The top level modules are described on this page. More...


Class ml_int_array
 An integer array convenience class for use with matrices.

Construction and I/O
 Matrix constructors and outputs to string and binary forms.

Matrix Manipulation
 This module include all functions for accessing, adding, and removing matrix elements.

 These functions facilitate the use of ml_matrix objects along with BLAS and LAPACK function calls.

Inspection and Assignment
 This group of functions includes comparison operators, functions to reassign matrix values, and inspection functions such as min() and max().

Arithmetic Operators
 Facilities for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other basic operations.

Algebraic Functions
 Basic algebraic functions.

Linear Algebra Functions
 All linear algebra functions which operate on the matrix as a whole.

Trigonometric Functions
 Standard Trigonometric operations for matrices.

Detailed Description