These functions facilitate the use of ml_matrix objects along with BLAS and LAPACK function calls. More...


double * ml_matrix::raw_data () const
 Access the raw representation of the matrix data.

int ml_matrix::data_stride () const
 Access the stride used in the representation of the matrix.

Detailed Description

Because these function calls provide direct access to the underlying storage of the matrix, it is essential that care be taken to avoid problems if the raw data array is altered.

Function Documentation

double* ml_matrix::raw_data  )  const [inline, inherited]

Access the raw representation of the matrix data

A pointer to the array containing the matrix data. The storage order will depend on whether or not ML_COLUMN_MAJOR is defined; if it is, the data is in colum-major order; otherwise, it is in row-major order. The pointer returned by this function must not be freed.

int ml_matrix::data_stride  )  const [inline, inherited]

Access the stride used internally in representing the matrix. The stride is the actual number of columns (if row-major storage is used) or the actual number of rows (if column-major storage is used) used by the internal representation, and may be slightly greater than the number of rows and columns the user sees the matrix as having.