MatrixLib v3

This Application Programming Interface reference includes documentation for all member and non-member functions in the library. The Manual, also in this reference, contains useful information on installing MatrixLib, debugging applications that use MatrixLib, optimal usage, conversion of MATLAB code, and how to get support.

What's New?

This is the third major release of MatrixLib and includes many significant changes designed to improve the consistency of the interface and offer greater efficiency. We are proud to say that this is the fastest MatrixLib yet! In addition to the interface changes, MatrixLib now offers access to LAPACK and BLAS functionality. More information about these libraries can be found at Where appropriate, MatrixLib has replaced internal functionality with calls to these libraries, and in addition, users can extract the necessary data from ml_matrix class objects to make their own LAPACK calls.

Using this API


This is the programmer's guide for installing and using MatrixLib. Most programmers don't like reading documentation, so this is kept short and to the point!


The Modules section of the API decomposes matrix functions into logical groups defined primarily by functionality and will often be the quickest way to find out how to perform a given operation.


This section contains general reference for the important header files and classes, plus alphabetized indices of the class member functions and non-member functions.

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