Research and Development

Princeton Satellite Systems has been awarded over 20 SBIR research grants from agencies including NASA, Air Force, Navy, Missile Defence Agency, Army, and the National Science Foundation. We also invest in internal research and development in areas ranging from commercial space to fusion propulsion. Read about a few of our favorite projects here!

Direct Fusion Drive

We are working with the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab on space propulsion applications of their compact aneutronic fusion engine. We have analyzed optimal trajectories to Mars, L2, and Jupiter!

Asteroid Prospector

We designed a small satellite to explore near earth asteroids using our Spacecraft Control Toolbox. The satellite features green HPGP thrusters, our autonomous navigation sensor, and a miniature ion engine.

Commercial Space

PSS is developing technologies to enable economical commercial space operations.

Airship Guidance and Control

We have worked for the Air Force and Missile Defense Agency to develop autonomous guidance and control systems for high-altitude airships.

Space Rapid Transit

PSS is working on SRT, a two stage to orbit, horizontally launched horizontally landing launch vehicle to carry 200 kg to the International Space Station. SRT-C could bring 6 crew members and 1000 kg to the ISS.

Deep Space Navigation

PSS designed a new autonomous deep space navigation system and sensor for NASA.

Formation Flying

PSS has developed spacecraft formation flying and proximity operations algorithms for a wide variety of applications, with the support of NASA and the Air Force.

Wind Turbines

PSS developed a vertical axis wind turbine and advanced control algorithms for wind turbines for the NSF. For more information on the home and business small wind turbine go to Commercial VAWT