Basic Command Display

The Basic Command display provides simple value commanding functionality. This page explains its usage and configuration options.

Creation and Usage

Along with Raw Data, the Basic Command display is one of the two types of displays that VisualCommander will create automatically when a point is dropped onto a page from the Data Tree. Basic Commands are created when command points (designated in italics within the Data Tree) are dropped onto a page.

The functionality of Basic Command is extremely simple. A field is provided for the entry of a value to be commanded, which must be formatted appropriately to be interpreted as the type of value associated with the command. In addition, a time (in the time frame provided by the session with which the command is associated) may be specified at which the command will be executed; alternately the "Immediate" checkbox can be checked to cause the session to act on the command as soon as it is received. The Send button completes the display, which will cause the value within the value field(s) to be sent to the session.


The Basic Command display has no configurable options.