Model Viewer

The Model Viewer display shows a 3D OpenGL display of one of the PSS-provided geometric models, optionally rotated by an input quaternion matrix.


To create a Model Viewer, drag it from the Tools window onto an open area of an interface page. The display will appear, along with the default model. It will accept a single quaternion matrix as an input.


The Model Viewer displays a default model upon creation. The configuration window has only one option, which allows you to change the displayed model by selecting from a list.


The Model Viewer accepts a single input matrix to be used as a quaternion; when present, the model will be rotated to the current value of the quaternion matrix. Without a quaternion, the model will simply be displayed in place.

Several keys can be used to control the display:

The Model Viewer display is a full 3D OpenGL display, and provides full camera control. Use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to pan around the model; hold the right mouse button and drag to change where the camera is pointing.