Raw Data Display

The Raw Data display provides basic numeric display of the current value of a single data point. This page explains its usage and configuration options.

Creation and Usage

Along with Basic Command, the Raw Data display is one of the two types of displays that VisualCommander will create automatically when a point is dropped onto a page from the Data Tree. Each Raw Data display can manage one and only one input at a time. Each time a new value arrives for the data point, the display is updated to reflect the new data. The Raw Data display supports string, integer, double, and matrix data types.

The content of a Raw Data is embedded within a scrolling view. Whenever the size of the display is large enough to show the chosen label and current value, the scrollbars will remain hidden; if the display is sized to be too small of the data, or if the size of the data (such as a matrix) changes so as to be too large for the current size of the display, scrollbars will be displayed to allow the user to access all of the data. As with any display, since the scrollbars are part of the display they will appear but cannot be used while VisualCommander is in Edit mode.


The Raw Data display provides only a few configuration options, all of which are related to formatting and appearance of the display. The options and their meanings are listed below. As the appearance values are changed for the display, the display will recalculate the size necessary to display its contents.