Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Work with a model using the CAD data structure. 
 You can use CADNotebook to associate a Matlab script and
 reference pdf or html page with each component.

 You use this via parameter pairs.

   -----------    --------------    -----------------------------------
   Action         Data              Description
   -----------    --------------    -----------------------------------
   'component'    Component name    Designates this component
   'open'        'pdf' or 'html'    Opens a pdf file or web page
   'add xxx'      data              Adds data to field 'xxx'
   'matlab'       ''                Run a Matlab script
   'show'         ''                Opens the model in BuildCADModel
   'report xxx'   type              Prints a 'type' report
                                    xxx is 'html', 'tex' or 'txt'

 An example of adding a component is

   g = CADNotebook(  g,  'component',       'Panels',...
                         'add x',            coreX,...
                         'add y',            coreY,... 
                         'add z',            coreZ,...
                         'add faceColor',   'gold foil',... 
                         'add inside',       0,...
  	                      'add rA',           corePosition,...
                         'add mass',         massPanel,...
                         'add type',        'box');

 'add type' should be last to make sure all of these parameters are

 See CADNotebookCubesat for a example of building a CAD model using

 Type CADNotebook for demo.
   g = CADNotebook;
   g = CADNotebook( g, varargin )

   g           (1,1)   Data structure or mat file name
   varargin    {:}     Argument pairs, 'string' parameter

   g           (1,1)   Component data structure



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