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SimpleSC.mat - Simple MAT file for demos.

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Computes air data based on a simplified standard atmosphere model.
Computes the atmospheric density using an exponential model.
Computes the Earth's atmospheric density using scale heights.
Computes the ratio of specific heats for air.
Computes the atmospheric density using Jacchia's 1970 model.
Computes the speed of sound in the atmosphere.
Computes the atmospheric temperature using a simplified model.
Computes the barometric exponent.
Computes the diffusion exponent.
Jacchia-Lineberry model of the upper atmosphere.
Reynold's number as a function of atmospheric density.
Sutherland's law for dynamic viscosity.
Compute the stagnation temperature in the earth's atmosphere.

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Add a heater and thermistor to each component.
Computes the area of a triangle mesh.
Converts an AutoCAD color into a [r,g,b] color.
Compute a transformation matrix from a bHinge data structure.
Converts a bit array to a string. [1 0 1 0] will become 0101.
Create the CAD body GUI plug in.
Compute a bounding box for a component
Build a model of a spacecraft using repeated calls to this function.
Color a CAD Model. This function can be used only to change the colors
Work with a model using the CAD data structure.
Computes the centroid of an obj file.
Combines obj files and writes a new file.
Create an component GUI plug in.
Draw a component
Create a body with hinge data.
Creates CAD model report. It will create HTML tables or formatted output.
Creates a CAD Report by subystem listing:
Create a CAD component. This function has a built-in demo.
Creates power and mass reports from a CAD model.
Determine cross-sectional area from CAD model.
Generates default properties for specific devices.
NOTE: Transparency only supported for MATLAB versions after 5.2.
Draw the spacecraft components in a 2D representation.
Draw a series of patches.
Draw a spacecraft in a plain 3D box with Gouraud lighting.
Draw the spacecraft CAD model using patches.
Export a CAD file to a text file.
Export fields required by DSim. This routine will create three files.
Export a DXF file.
Export an OBJ file.
Find the indices of components containing a particular string
Computes the force and torque envelope. n is the number of samples.
Generates generic properties for CAD components. The types are:
Return a single set of vertices "v" and faces "f" for the CAD model.
Finds the visible surfaces given a vertex and face list.
Load a 3D CAD file. Handles .dxf, .obj and .3DMF files.
Create a mass budget for a flight vehicle.
Create a data structure for MassBudget. Enter parameter pairs.
Convert Matlab color parameters to obj parameters.
Build a box with panels.
Rotates and scaleać an obj file name.obj.
Set the inertial attitude of a CAD model.
Set CAD model rotations using parameter/value pairs.
Set the inertial state of a CAD model.
Display a stored CAD model in a plain 3D box using DrawSCPlanPlugIn.
Create a Spacecraft GUI plug in.
Tesselate polygons by breaking them into triangles.
Create a thruster model.
Take the CAD data and create the body array for Tree.
Update the 3D drawing data structure.
Generate a 3DMF for a trimesh. This function will append ".t3d" to the file.

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Add a component to a CAD model.
Draw an air core magnetic torquer.
Get vertices and faces for an antenna.
Create solar array models.
Create a model for star cameras.
Draw a circuit board.
Generate a CompactPCI 3U Chassis.
Generates a single or double delta wing.
Generates a fuselage. The fuselage centerline is along x.
Create a CAD Drawing of a Hall thruster.
Generate a model of the Integrated Communications and Navigation Sensor.
Generate vertices and faces for a Northrop Grumman TR-308 engine.
Generates a CAD component for a lunar module first stage.
Generates a component for a lunar module ascent stage.
Draws a nose cone.
A model for an SP-100 based space nuclear reactor.
Create a panel in the x, y plane.
Generate a frame for a honeycomb panel.
Create a panel with a center hole.
Create a panel with a cutout.
Draw panels for a spacecraft.
Create pictures for General Dynamics REAs.
Create an array of four reaction wheels.
Get vertices and properties for a specific RWA model.
Get vertices for an RWA.
Draw a single-axis control moment gyro.
Generate the SHELS Flange.
Generate the SHELS Interface.
Create the rings of Saturn.
Draw a simple fuselage
Model a single axis drive with the motor dynamics modeled by a lag.
Generate a triangle strut for a solar wing.
Draw a basic star camera.
Create pictures for various star cameras.
Generate vertices and faces for a surface of revolution about z.
Generate a T-shaped plate
Create a thruster patch.
Get vertices and faces for a truss.
Generate a tube going from x1 to x2
Generate a model of a motor.
Generates a Wing. The tail points in the z direction.
Generate a Xenon Tank model based on the ETS VIII Tank.
Generate a Xenon Tank support based on the ETS VIII Tank.

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Converts azimuth and elevation to a unit vector.
Converts azimuth and coelevation to a unit vector.
Compute r, v from range, range rate, az and el.
Bank angle computations
Transform between selected coordinate frames and representations.
Compute latitude, longitude, altitude from ECEF position.
Computes the matrix from mean of Aries 2000 to the earth fixed frame.
Convert an earth fixed position vector to [latitude;longitude;altitude]
Lagrange point RHS.
Convert geocentric latitude to geodetic latitude.
Convert geodetic latitude to geocentric latitude
Angle between the horizon and a vector from rG to rS.
Converts a coordinates in an inertial reference frame to coordinates in a
Altitude of the nearest point to a sphere.
Compute ECEF position from latitude, longitude, altitude.
Convert [latitude;longitude;altitude] to an earth fixed position vector.
Converts geodetic latitude and longitude to r for an ellipsoidal planet.
Generate the LVLH angular rate vector.
Compute right ascension and declination of a vector from a quaternion.
Given at least three vectors computes the initial quaternion.
Rotate about a body axis to align a body vector with an inertial vector.
Generate the quaternion that transforms from the ECI to the Hills frame.
Computes the time derivative of a quaternion.
Generate the quaternions that transform from ECI to LVLH coordinates.
Generate the quaternions that transform from ECI to a lat/long frame
Generate a quaternion that points a body vector uB towards nadir.
Rotate about an axis to align "ua" as close as possible to target "ut"
Interpolate a quaternion using the SLERP algorithm.
Generate a quaternion to go to a planet fixed lat/long target.
Computes geocentric latitude and longitude from r
Computes right ascension and declination and their rates.
Right ascension and declination to a quaternion.
Converts a coordinates in a rotating reference frame to inertial.
Approx. azimuth and elevation of the sun for a time and place on earth.
Converts a unit vector to azimuth and elevation.
Computes the right ascension and declination from a unit vector.

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