Path: AerospaceUtils/Coord

% Generate a quaternion to go to a planet fixed lat/long target.
 Computes an array of quaternions that align a vector x in the body fixed
 frame with a target specified by lat and lon.

 Type QToPFTarget for a demo.

 Since version 2.
   [qECIToBody, err] = QToPFTarget( x, lat, lon, rECI, jD, planet, type )

   x	       (3,1)        Vector in the body frame
   lat        (:) or (1,1) Latitude (rad)
   lon        (:) or (1,1) Longitude (rad)
   rECI       (3,:)        Spacecraft Position
   jD         (:)          Julian dates
   planet     (1,:)        Planet name
   type       (1,:)        'geocentric' or 'geodetic' latitude

   qECIToBody (4,:)       Array of quaternions that rotate from the ECI
   err        (1,1)       Norm of the errors (rad)



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